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How Moving During The New Year Can Be a Fresh Start

If you are planning to move during the New Year, then you are already starting off the year with new beginnings and a fresh start. This can be a great time to implement some New Year’s resolutions that can ultimately help you transition to your new home and start the year off right.

Recycle What You Are Not Using

Moving into a new home is a great time to evaluate what you should be bringing with you and what you can afford to leave behind and recycle. Get rid of unnecessary material goods or items that carry little sentimental value. Instead of throwing away those items, try to donate those items that may be of value to someone else. If you do not have a need for an old coffee table or chair, someone else might find them useful.

On the other hand, if you need new furniture in your home, think about visiting a second-hand store or an antique shop and bring new life into old furniture. There is a lot to be said about vintage or rustic pieces of furniture. There is a lot of good furniture’s out there at decent prices.

Manage Unpacking Stress

After you have finished your move, set aside a whole weekend to unpack all of your boxes. There is already too many things to worry about during the move so setting aside time for yourself to declutter all of the boxes is important. You will feel less stressed after all of your boxes are put away completely.

Plan a Vacation

After your move is over, plan some time off to explore the area around your new home. Spend your first few weekends planning trips to nearby locations so you can familiarize yourself with your new surroundings. Find out what the locals do for fun and remind yourself the reasons why you made the move in the first place.

Planning a Move During the Winter Season

We have already discussed the benefits of planning your move during the off-season or the winter. The cost of hiring a professional mover is usually cheaper and renting a moving truck is generally more affordable. But there are issues that come up with planning a move for the winter months, here are some tips that can help you plan ahead and avoid those issues before they even start.

1: Working Utilities: Moving into a new home is definitely an ongoing process, but you do not want to arrive in your new home and find that the utilities such as running water and heat are not working properly. Before the final move in day, test any and all utilities and make sure that they are in good working order. Turn on the heating system and water system a few days in advance before moving in.

2: Weather Conditions: If you live in a climate that snow and ice are expected, clear away any snow or ice buildup in the walkways or driveway before moving in day. If you are moving to a different city or state, ask your agent to check the property for you.

3: Available Parking: Regardless of where you are moving or weather conditions, always check if there is adequate parking for the moving van and any additional cars that you’ll be needing for the move. Snow can pile up in your driveway, making it difficult to park the moving van close to your home.

These same moving tips should be applied to your current home and the process of moving out. Clear snow out of the driveways of your home to prepare the loading processes. Protect the inside of your home by placing plastic wrap or cardboard in areas that will see heavy foot traffic during the move and always keep sand or salt handy to battle any frozen walkways.

Moving Tips during the Holiday Season

Moving houses can already be a tough time for everyone involved, but trying to plan a move during the holiday season can be extremely difficult. For most families, the holiday season is already filled with holiday planning, preparation, cooking, and traveling, so planning a full move on top of everything that is going on can be exhausting and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are preparation tasks that you can take to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Plan and Organize

To lighten the amount of items that you have to package, move, and then unpack, start your move by getting rid of all of the unnecessary items that you do not need or you do not want to bring with you to your new house. Donate your unwanted items to a Goodwill or Salvation Army, some people might find your unwanted belongings to be useful. Another option is to sell your unwanted items in a yard sale or online.

If small children are involved, a sudden move during the holidays would be devastating, they might not understand that the holidays will be different because of the moving process. Remember to not pack away all of their toys, have a few play things out to keep them occupied.

If your house is traditionally the gathering place where family members would congregate during the holiday season, remember that your home might not be the ideal place for a family gathering this year and ask around if any other relative might want to host for the holidays.

Last but not least, the option of traveling before the move is also available. Hire a moving company to complete the move for you or if they offer storage service, ask them to store your belongings while you are on a vacation. A destination holiday would allow your family to relax and not worry about moving entirely

Benefits of Moving During the Winter Time.

Winter can be a great time for people to start a major move. Most people tend to move between the months of May through September or primarily the summer season. The idea is that during the winter, apartment hunting slows down which gives you a better chance of finding an apartment at a better deal which also saves you on your moving costs. The major downside of moving during the winter is dealing with unpredictable weather patterns. Here are a few tips that can make your move during the winter time much smoother.

1) Tracking the Weather: During the winter season, weather patterns can fluctuate periodically. Keep an eye on weather maps and approaching storm fronts for any sudden weather storms. Also keep an eye for traffic reports, plan alternative routes to and from your new home for any unpredictable sudden traffic delays because of weather.

2) Winter Tools Handy: Remember to not store away any shovels, gloves, ice scrapers, or bags of salt because these items may come in handy right away. Keep all of your winter tools in your car during the moving time period.

3) Hire Professionals: Besides the benefits of a faster move and manual labor help, Movers are trained to complete moves in most conditions, even snowy weather.

4) Dress Appropriately: Wear multiple layers to have the ability to take off a few layers when your body starts to overheat from the move. Leaving the door open to your new home is a great way to prevent fatigue during the move. The difference in temperature can help your body keep a consistency body temperature during the move.

5) Carry Towels: Have towels handy to wipe off any snow or rain that might get on the boxes during the move. This can also protect your home from being damaged by any moisture brought in along with the boxes. Lay towels on the floor near the entrance way to absorb any snow or rain water brought in with your shoes.

6 Tips for Moving With Pets

Often time’s people overlook their furry friend’s needs when they are moving. You have to figure that they know that something is going on when their environment is changing around them and this change can inflict a considerable about of stress to the family pet. Here are 6 tips to help the family pet and you transition to a new home.

  1. Identification: Make sure they have a collar that includes an ID tag with a phone number. A suitable secondary option would be microchipping. If the family pet gets loose in your new location, the odds are that they will be lost because the environment is new to them.
  2. Familiarity: If the move consists of traveling a long distance, pack a small bag with food, treats, a blanket, medications and a couple of pet toys.
  3. Noise: The moving period tends to be a noisy time in the household. Try to keep your pet away from the commotion of the move.
  4. Transportation: Transport smaller pets in a well-ventilated pet carrier. It is never a good idea to leave your pet in the car unattended.
  5. Setting In: When you arrive in your new home, prepare an area for your pets with their food, water and toys. Placing familiar objects in relatively the same locations as in your previous home will help ease your animal’s anxiety
  6. Security: In your new home, keep windows and doors locked and secured until your pet is familiar with its surroundings.

Boston Moving Service & Samaritans

Last Saturday, Boston Moving Service was one of many proud sponsors for the Samaritans 5k Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention. This year’s Samaritans 5k was held at DCR’s Artesani Park, the running portion started promptly at 9 AM with the walking segment following shortly after.

Boston Moving Service provided the moving expertise that aided in the events set-up. The move was entirely pro-bono and consisted of the transportation and shipping of boxes of T-shirts, equipment, and anything that required a professional helping hand. Ray Lefebure, owner of Boston Moving Service is a firm believer that “In life there is good Karma; when you do something nice and supportive of others, karma will find its way back around.”

All proceeds help fund Samaritans’ lifesaving services, including the 24/7 Helplines, Community Education and Outreach, and Grief Support Services for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. These vital services are available locally to the families, friends and neighbors, free of charge. Samaritans answers call from Greater Boston, MetroWest, the State Wide toll-free number, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

If you would like to contact Boston Moving Service for any professional moving need, please contact us at (978)818-4555. Or visit our website at and request a quote.

If you have questions about joining Samaritans at any 5K, making a donation, or anything else 5K related, contact Samaritans via email or call the Samaritans’ Development Office at 617-536-2460 x 5.

Tips for Purchasing a Hot Tub.

Purchasing a used hot tub or acquiring one for free can be a great way to get a high ticket at a fraction of the cost. Before diving into the logistics of owning a hot tub, there are some things you should know to make this a pleasant experience instead of a nightmare.

Below are the potential costs which can add up quickly

  • Moving the hot tub from the seller’s location to your house.
  • Site preparation and setup.
  • Electrical wiring and hookup.
  • Repair expense after setup.

What to look for

  • The seller should freely identify any problems with the item
  • The hot tub should be filled with water, hot, with pumps running during your visit
  • There should be no water pooling around the edges of the tub (this would indicate there are leaks in the piping, and that can be expensive)
  • Push all the buttons to see if they work, feel the jets, look at the filtration system…you are considering buying the item, so don’t be shy about this!
  • Check the sides and skirt of the hot tub for dry rot.

In conclusion, the best advice is to have a hot tub repair person have a look before you purchase. Hot tubs that are empty and not being used need to be completely drained and weatherized properly, otherwise freezing temperatures can cause damage to the hot tub.

New Boston Moving Service Blog!

Boston Moving Service.

We are excited to announce the beginning of our new blog! We will be blogging every week with new information about residential moves, commercial moves and all of our other services. This is a great way for us to share our experiences and knowledge of moving in the Boston and Greater Boston Area.

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